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Supporting narrative short films

Film grants come in all shapes and sizes—supporting filmmakers of many different backgrounds. When looking at the landscape of grants available to filmmakers, there’s a gap around one particular format: narrative short films. However, that format is an important stepping stone in a filmmaker’s journey, which is why the SHIFT Creative Fund is dedicated to filmmakers specifically seeking funding for such projects.


About the SHIFT Creative Fund

SHIFT Creative Fund film grants are awarded in an open bid format.

Filmmakers will be asked to submit a top-line production budget along with their application, outlining how much funding is needed to carry their project from concept through post-production. SHIFT is dedicated to supporting as many films as possible within our available grant pool. While there are no official limits, we encourage you to submit a project budget totalling between $5,000 and $40,000.

In-Kind Services

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SHIFT Creative Fund


September 2019

Grant applications open September 1st and remain open until September 30th. Applicants will be asked to submit a completed script, visual treatment, top-line budget, preliminary production schedule, and samples of previous work as part of their full grant application. Applicants will use an online portal as well as a free SHIFT for Creators account to submit all needed materials during the September application window.

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