Behind the Scenes

A look back at past Creative Fund productions

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2018 Wrap Up

Filmmakers reflect on their journey and celebrate their success with a theatrical screening event in Los Angeles.


Bad Assistant - Pre Production

How Paige Klone's real Hollywood assistant story became a grant winning short film.


Father Figurine - Pre-Production

Director Matt Kazman proves that a movie about a dead corpse can actually be funny.


Cosmic Fling - Pre-Production

The team prepares for an unconventional shoot involving miniature sets and marionettes.


Pioneers - Pre-Production

The all-female production team discusses this gritty story of survival and hope.


Bad Assistant - On Set

Go behind the scenes with the team on 3 full days of principal photography.


Father Figurine - On Set

The crew perservers through a two-day shoot, even as things on set start to go wrong.


Cosmic Fling - On Set

An ambitious shooting schedule faces the team, as they work with marionettists instead of conventional actors.


Pioneers - On Set

A grueling production puts the team to the test, with three days out in the desert and temperatures over 100 degrees.