2020 SHIFT Creative Fund FAQs

Everything you need to know about the 2020 Creative Fund. More questions? Email us at creativefund@shift.io



When do applications open?
What will I need to submit with my application?
What kind of films are allowed to be submitted?
Do the films need to be of a specific style or genre?
What is the grant amount?
How are the applications judged?
When are grants awarded?
Do grant winners get anything besides funding?
Who owns the film upon completion?
Is there a specific time period in which the grant money must be used?
Are there restrictions on who can apply?
Can students apply?
Do I need a team to apply?
What kind of filmmaker experience is required?
What is Creative Fund's relationship with SHIFT?
Are adapted works, such as a short story, novel, or article adapted to film, allowed?
Can I submit more than one application?