Sustainability on Set

Making our grant-winning productions eco-friendly

We're thrilled to partner with Good Planet Innovation to help make our grant-winning productions as green and eco-friendly as possible.


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Filmmakers Guide to On-Set Sustainability

Filmmakers Guide to On-Set Sustainability

Easy tips to make your next film set more eco-friendly. No matter how big or small your production, here are 10 simple things you can do to lessen your film’s environmental impact.

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How Productions Can Reduce On-Set Waste

Awards shows may have served vegan meals and gone green in 2020, but are productions following suit?

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Good Planet Partnership

Reducing Waste and Supporting the Community

Providing consultation and hands-on support from pre-production to post, Good Planet finds sustainable solutions for every department from the art team to catering and transportation. Besides robust programs during productions, Good Planet will manage and coordinate donations of everything from sets to wardrobe and leftover catered food, keeping nearly all of it out of landfills, often making a production “zero-waste” while supporting the local community. Special thanks to S’wellfor helping us source reusable water bottles!